Andes Gifts items are hand-crafted year round by hundereds of indigenous women residing in the highlands of both Peru and Bolivia. Through their efforts, Andes Gifts enables a growing number of third world artisans to knit, stitch, and weave their way to a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Thanks to the loyal support of our customers, our knitters have projects year round.

Graphic of Africa

As first world consumers living in a globalized economy, your choices can have a dynamic impact on people living in developing countries. Much of the clothing that is prevalent in the USA is manufactured in developing third world countries. Unfortunately, many of these products are laden with high human costs. In an effort to continually cut expenses, companies regularly violate labor laws and ignore basic human rights to increase output. The result is often in the form of a sweatshop with dangerous conditions.

At Andes Gifts, we abide by the principles of Fair Trade and pay a fair wage to the hundreds of rural knitters who hand-craft our products. We are committed to social change by providing conscious consumers with an ethically sourced product. Right now, hundreds of wonderful Aymara and Quechua women in the the highlands of Bolivia and Peru are busy knitting the items we are so honored to sell.