Andes Gifts products keeps hundreds of artisans representing over 40 knitting co-operatives and 80 family based knitting groups busy throughout the year. All of our clothing is made by skilled artisans with whom we maintain very close contact. They are truly expert knitters.

“My 5 kids and I live in the altiplano of southern Peru. Women have very few work opportunities here. Knitting is one of our best options to improve our quality of life. The 35 women in our knitting cooperative work for Andes Gifts because they pay us well and we have work year round.”

“Knitting is one of our best options
to improve our quality of life”


Photo of Eleuteria

A vast majority of them have children whom they are able to stay in proximity to and to care for. As has been the case with many factory workers, they are not forced to either relocate to a larger city or lose their source of income. They work only the amount that they desire or are able to and don’t have the constant pressure of factory style production deadlines.

This flexibility allows them to stay close to and participate in their local traditions and customs. Feeling appreciated and being able to be providers for their families is of utmost importance to these exceptional women.

Photo of Zenaida

“I am a 21 year old agronomy student from southern Peru. Knitting for Andes Gifts allows me to pay my way through school. My dreams are to improve the agricultural practices in my rural community and to teach other women to knit. There are few job opportunities where we live. Thank you for supporting us.”


Through our training programs and product design we have developed, adapted and applied traditional Andean knitting techniques to the production of our items for today’s more socially-conscious and discerning consumers. We not only want to produce a quality garment, but Andes Gifts is fully invested in how that garment is produced.