Our specialty is handmade accessories, clothing, and gifts. Each item is unique and meticulously crafted with utmost attention to detail. Our products reflect and exemplify the rich knitting tradition of the highlands of central South America where they are produced, yet they are abundantly colorful and cater to modern tastes.

Through training programs and product design instruction we have been able to develop, adapt, and apply tradition Andean knitting techniques to the production of items for today’s more socially-conscious and discerning consumers who not only want to spend their money on a quality product, but are interested in how that product is produced and where their money is going. 

If you are a qualified retailer and interested in seeing our products and wholesale prices, feel free to request wholesale information from us.    
We can give you access to our online catalog, send you a wholesale catalog in the mail, or if possible, have a rep stop by and show you our line of products.