Our Materials

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Local Materials

We source all our yarn from local textile companies within Peru and Bolivia.

Alpaca Fiber

This natural fiber is valued for its warmth, softness, durability and hypoallergenic properties. Alpacas are gentle herd animals that are well cared for by their owners and only sheared once per year. They graze in fields in the open air of the Andes Mountains.

andes gifts

Knitting warm clothing from alpaca fiber has played a significant role in indigenous culture in Peru and Bolivia for centuries. The alpaca fiber in our products is certified Peru Fair Trade.

We Also Use

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Recycled Polyester

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Merino Wool

Every year we are adding more sustainable and ecofriendly fibers to our line. Our goal is to incorporate materials with a low environmental impact that will produce durable high-quality products.

Artisan Tradition

Knitting is an important cultural tradition in the Andes Mountains. The art of knitting is passed down through generations from grandmothers to mothers and daughters. Our artisans have many years of knitting experience and continue to perfect their craft year after year.


Supporting the ancient tradition of knitting in Peru and Bolivia means that artisans can invest in their local communities and aren’t forced to travel in order to find work.

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