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Our Production is Committed to:

  • Respecting traditional knitting techniques.
  • Promoting a sustainable work-life balance for artisan families.
  • Maintaining clean and safe work environments.
  • Empowering indigenous communities.
  • Creating long-term partnerships with knitting cooperatives.
  • Providing a dependable source of income for all artisans.

Who Made My Hat?

The majority of our artisans are mothers and grandmothers who have many years of knitting experience. These women maintain a sustainable work-life balance by creating a schedule that allows plenty of time for participation in local customs and quality time with family. Being able to earn a dependable income contributes to the economic stability of their families.

We believe in forming long-term relationships with our artisans and have collaborated with the same knitting cooperatives for many years.

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Where Was My Hat Made?

Our products are handmade in rural communities in Peru and Bolivia. Both countries have a long tradition of producing quality knitwear. Every product is knitted by an individual artisan making each piece a unique work of art. Our products showcase traditional knitting techniques that have been passed down through generations of indigenous Andean women. By purchasing from Andes Gifts, you are providing support for rural communities in the Andes Mountains.


How Was My Hat Made?

Our community-based production model supports the cultural traditions of rural villages throughout the Andes Mountains. Our artisans don’t have to leave their community to find dependable work opportunities. They are able to work in small knitting cooperatives within their local villages and remain near their children throughout the day.

Most of our products contain alpaca fiber. Raising alpacas has been an important aspect of indigenous culture in Peru and Bolivia for centuries. We source alpaca yarn that is produced with respect for the animal, the land, and the local community.


Save the Children Partnership

Since 2008 we have partnered with Aymara communities in Bolivia through Save the Children in order to develop independent knitting cooperatives. This partnership has provided training in accounting, quality control standards, and business organization for rural communities. After a few months of training, these cooperatives are able to operate independently. Being part of a cooperative provides a reliable source of income for the artisans and their families.

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